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Happy Friday!

Are you a mom in the area looking for things to do with your little one? When i had my first child, it was COVID. The resources were limited but also the system was hard to navigate! I’m going to commit to posting and trying my hardest to help new moms in the area to find things to do and get out!

When having a baby, it can be so hard. We can feel alone and stuck at home with no adult interaction navigating the new hard. Wether you feel alone, tired, a train wreck or whatever the feels you are feeling. These are all NORMAL. I often see so many moms think they are doing things wrong…But how can it be wrong, it is just a new learning phase that everyone is trying to navigate.

It is normal to take your little one to the hospital because they wont stop crying, or that you think they are sick. I was always worried about what they would think of me as a parent for being concerned or thinking i’m “that mom” that runs to the doctors for everything. But this is NORMAL to feel this way.

Take some time for you and make sure you are getting some “you” time.

So here it goes! Today I will share with you the “Nourishing Parent & Child Walk” – Kendra Hinton is a local twin mom, pregnant with her second pregnancy, an RN as well as a Yoga Instructor! She is very involved in the community and is looking to help create/educate other parents.

See details below or check out her website –

Nourishing Parent & Child walk.

All are welcome to join at the Steve Kerr Memorial Complex.

Meets Wednesdays 10am-11am

Please introduce yourself and your little one at 10am in the foyer, and take the time to share a win and a struggle.

You are welcome to come and go as you wish. Parents wish to have a consistent meet up, so I will not be able to attend all sessions.

Elevators available for strollers/wheelchairs etc.

There are open stairwells with concrete stairs so please be mindful with our new little walkers/tots.

Parents welcome to come walk without children.

You can run on the track, however there are only two lanes, so passing can be a challenge for the speedier folks. Just be mindful


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